the Flandus/Boondock fandom is still my favourite fandom I’ve ever been in. There’s no hating on ships or anything, everyone is so cool, even if someone doesn’t ship something then no one is a bitch in the tags. Sometimes the headcanons differ, but people are always polite and explain why they don’t like something with great manners and respect. Everything’s just really chill and the whole fandom is just love and appreciation and joy (and unified hating on Troy Duffy whenever he fucks shit up). There’s Flangirls and Reedussluts, but no one hates on the other one, and so many people agree that the Flandus is something special, something beautiful. Even when people are Flangirls then they still like/love Norman, and even when people are hardcore Reedus fangirls then they never say shit like “ugh I hate Flanery, Reedus is SOOOO much better”. That is a very beautiful thing. I LOVE YOU ALL.

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  2. mishamilkshake said: OH BB :’)) That was such a nice thing to read! And it’s very true too! I’m so glad to be in this fandom :)
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    well said, could not have said it better myself !!!!!!!! x
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    beautiful words sweetheart! so true!
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