so I just played the latest twd game episode…

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twd meme: nine episodes → 18 miles out (1/9)

Excited Susan is excited and also pretty freakin silly

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just let that sink in


I love this company already.


“No man is good enough for your little girl… Until one is

You’re like my own son Glenn

Shane loved Rick.

rick grimes + looking down


Some mornings I still wake up half-expecting Lori to be there. Reminding me to pick up Carl after school or telling me breakfast is ready. Every Sunday she’d make us these pancakes that were just… godawful. Clumps of flour that weren’t mixed in right. Thing was… she knew it was bad.

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color meme: michonne and carl + 12 (autumn colors); requested by anonymous


duhdakdhyeiudwhdwejkh otp

Oh, yeah, you never do!

The Boondock Saints: I Got You

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