Did Flanery really just say that he and Reedus were staying at a hotel in Toronto together when they shot Boondock one, went over to Duffy’s place, where there were lots of women and alcohol in the jacuzzi and shit and all party and nasty stuff..

and Flanery and Reedus left as soon as they saw all the women and alcohol?

I’m sorry but


The Walking Dead meme: 2 weapons [2/2]:Signature weapon

Anonymous: The MacManus brothers are good at getting rid of *human* evil, but how do you think they'd handle a supernatural situation like Grave Encounters? They feel like they have a God given mission, but I've never been entirely sure if they are right in that assumption. Dealing with ghosts or demons, I think that's when you really need God's backing to get out in one piece. You can't shoot a ghost. Can't protect your brother from one. Darn it Susan, now I have all these Boondock/Encounters feels.

Hahaha yesssss anon! I’m loving this, infecting others with my Boondock/Encounters craze is my main goal :D

And about your question, wow, that’s an interesting one, haven’t really considered something like this!

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Demons in the walls
Demons in the halls.
Demons in my mind.
Demons you will find.

aka that one time Susan completely lost her mind and went batshit crazy while editing her latest vid no one gives a fuck about anyway.

song: Machine Gun - Portishead


The Best of Rick Grimes: Season One.


1/? Perfect People

Andrew Lincoln

"That’s my job as an actor. You defend your character. You fight for your character. You carry it like a sword."


Make me choose:

and anon asked: knives or guns

Things I should be doing: practice live editing/ listen to songs from the band I gotta edit tomorrow, go to bed

Things I’m doing: Portishead + this:


The Walking Dead characters meme → Team Atlanta

175 days till the walking dead countdown:
▶ rewatching s02e08: Nebraska 

it’s such a simple twist, you just flick the switch
it’s so easy to forget a life like this

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